FYP Submission: Ruth Kalin

Greetings FYP readers! We received an email from Ruth Kalin, an FYP supporter about her experience with body hair and wanted to share it with you all. Thank you so much Ruth for sharing your personal journey with us; we greatly appreciate your support!

"Back on the 70's I had the chutzpah to keep my legs unshaven while I was in beauty school and later working in a really high class salon.  Our outfits were minis, and we wore stockings, and there I was with my leg hair mashed against my stockings under my sexy little white uniform.  It's hard for me to imagine now how I had the nerve!  One day one of my coworkers (a guy) said, "I have to tell you, I think your unshaven legs are disgusting.  It makes me sick to look at them."  But I kept doing it.  I laugh now whenever I think of it.  

      In the mid-90's, I had heavy chemotherapy.  I lost every hair on my body.  What I wanted back most was my pubic hair.  The eyebrows came in first (oh, I never realized how beautiful they were), then my head hair, and then, my prayers were answered -- pubic hair!  I am still so grateful to have pubic hair and am completely baffled by the current trend to shave it!  I love pubic hair--on both men and women.  My leg hair never returned, other than a few almost invisible hairs (have to confess -- I don't miss it), but when my armpits grew only a few whispy hairs, I was sad.  The hair never came back, probably more because of my age than the chemo, but I still mourn it.  Sometimes I shave my pits just so it will look more like I do have hair.  

     I was delighted to see all of these beautiful young women, accepting their lovely bodies as they are and having the nerve to flaunt it in bright colors!   More power to us all!"

- Ruth Kalin

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